Huizhou precision casting: standard and material selection

by:XEX     2021-01-10
Precision casting in the process of made directly to the room temperature of the liquid poured into its specific shape mold after curing material such as medium the coagulation processing method, precision casting for more solid and then heated directly into liquid metal, the use of metal material with materials such as lead, copper, iron, aluminum. Precision casting mold of the material can be metal, sand or ceramics, in the process of using need according to their different requirements, the use of methods also are different, the production method is called the casting, the metal mold can be gray iron or iron ball, etc. Precision casting can produce its shape in the process of machining complex parts, especially the complex inner cavity of the blank, in use in the application scope is very broad, general industrial metal materials can be in common use. Precision casting source of raw materials is very extensive, products in the process of using the price is very low, the equipment of waste, scrap and chip shape casting size and parts are very close to, so can effectively reduce the cutting quantity, this is no less machining. Precision casting lots of production effectively create favorable conditions for the factory, in the process of use very advanced technology in the modelling method, the product of air impact molding line can adapt to the requirement of rapid and high precision molding production line, core making method can choose the efficient system such as its shell core core method. If single or small batch production of precision castings, the manual modeling is still a very important method of using manual model can effectively apply the various complex requirements is more flexible, in the process of using its many process equipment may be required. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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