If you have the difference between the casting and forging, with 90% of all don't know

by:XEX     2020-11-07
People often ask & other; I want to directly on forging round? ” “ Forging and castings' target='_blank'>casting a lot of really bad? ” Yes, they really add up. Truck lightweight is essentially components lightweight, forged alloy wheels, can greatly reduce the weight of the car. For example, a trailer 40 tons of heavy card and semi-trailer transport system, a total of 22 wheels, plus former backup tires with a total of 24. Steel wheel calculation, we often use now if for forging aluminum alloy wheels, can reduce 600 kg in weight. Not only that, because the aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of good heat dissipation and prevent tire and rubber aging on the forging of the aluminum alloy wheel truck, bus, trailer can save 26% of consumption. So, how obvious effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction. The commercial vehicle with aluminum wheels, why use forging without casting? 1 more safety in some countries, commercial vehicle wheel casting has not been adopted or are prohibited from use. Forging wheels for 6061 material has the characteristics of high impact resistance, fatigue resistance. Such as deformation will happen only when under strong impact, not fracture, pressure will not disappear in a flash, ensure the safety of the vehicle. Casting wheel for A356 material impact resistant performance is relatively poor, the powerful impact after prone to comminuted fracture, pressure disappeared, very dangerous. 2 more lightweight forged by forging the wheels of the characteristics of high strength, can obtain more light weight products, such as to 22. 5 * 9. 0 products as an example, the forging wheels within 24 kg weight required by a standard test, if you want to meet the requirement of TUV standards, and also can be controlled under 25 kg weight, 20% lighter than the casting wheel. Casting to 22. 5 * 9. 0 products as an example, the casting wheel weights 28. 5 kg, can through standard test requirements. And casting wheel is hard to meet the TUV standard test requirements. 3 higher surface quality forging oxidation degree is high, often new normally on forging wheels after machining surface brightness uniformity, there is no casting defects such as osteoporosis, porosity, and because of 6061 aluminum alloy has good oxidation resistance, the wheels in use after a period of time still if brightness is new. Forging wheels don't need painting. Casting low degree of antioxidant, prone to yellow black casting wheel for smelting casting cooling after forming, inevitably produce inner and exterior defects such as porosity, porosity, inclusion, and because of the characteristics of the material, the processed surface corrosion and blackened, casting wheel need painting. The great differences in forging 1 4 raw materials. Number of forging wheels adopt aluminum alloy material for 6061. 6061 genera of Al Mg- Si alloy, it has good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance. 2. Forging wheels no stress corrosion cracking tendency, achieve high strength after T6 heat treatment, is currently the mainstream use process of the aluminum alloy wheel for commercial vehicles in the world. 3. Cars in 6061 aluminum alloy forging bar very high demand on melting and crystallization, relative material price is high. Casting casting wheel using the brand of A356 aluminum alloy materials. After secondary smelting casting molding, can be divided into gravity casting, low pressure casting, high pressure ( Extrusion) Casting, etc. , at low load of passenger car wheels used widely, but in high load of commercial vehicle wheels used rarely and lack of reliability. 5 technology more advanced forging casting 1. Wheel casting process consists of smelting, casting, cooling molding, casting defects such as porosity, porosity and oxidation inclusion will appear, for cooling successively different, can produce different parts of the difference in mechanical properties. 2. Casting process by melting, degassing, conditioning, casting process, process effect, quality fluctuation. On the mechanical properties of the six more forging, forging wheel mechanical properties after heat treatment can achieve: tensile strength & ge; 330 mpa, yield strength & ge; 300 mpa, the elongation & ge; 12% of casting, casting wheel mechanical properties after heat treatment standard: tensile strength & ge; 260 mpa, yield strength & ge; 180 mpa, the elongation & ge; 5% don't say one over ten thousand of the danger, even one over one hundred thousand of the life safety problems were probably not allowed, behind every owner is a happy family! In short, the forging is much better than casting, so, if you have the money, money, your car should match what kind of wheels, you know.
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