In foundry furnace slag agent the correct way of using the package

by:XEX     2020-11-01
In casting casting process for metal liquid temperature, the performance after reaching a certain standard, liquid metal in the cast of slag agent before the furnace molten metal surface, after being surface forming a layer of thin film, scooped out with steel. If the liquid metal in the furnace slag content is overmuch, can repeat operation, until the liquid metal is achieved. Dosage according to each enterprise of molten iron and slag content on the casting quality requirements, as well as the furnaceman people operating habits. Sprinkled in the package of them can be slag, its reaction after forming a thin film cover in the metal surface, slag, heat preservation, reduce with hot metal casting, non-stick bag, don't hang bag. After waiting for molten iron casting coating in steel pick out or stay in the rest of the metal surface heat preservation. Furnace slag: after the metal melted into liquid metal, the metal surface and a small amount of initial slag, slag agent and then sprinkle a layer of slag agent, reaction after conjunctival cover in the metal surface, after being reaction fully, before grilled slag. Package slag: on the surface of hot metal ladle, sprinkle with slag agent after grilled slag, then sprinkle with covering insulation, then casting. Before in ladle pouring liquid level and the slag agent, the formation of slag thermal insulation layer, as the bags on the surface of the metal liquid falls, exempt grilled slag process, as well as for ladle up insulation between oxygen to prevent the secondary oxidation function. In order to ensure the purity of molten steel and molten iron, slag agent can be in furnace, tundish, ladle cycle use. Artificial evenly into the metal surface, after mixing and reaction liquid metal, liquid metal in the surface film formation, easy to start. If you need to block the inside of the metal liquid slag, but after grilled slag in ladle or oven to join before casting slag agent, film forming, metal internal blocking slag, reduce the labor intensity of artificial slag risk, improve production efficiency and production safety. According to the different temperature choice of different types of slag, iron craft general lower melt temperature, can choose professional Jin Lian 4 cast iron slag agent, particles in the 30 - 50 mu, faster response, shortening the time of slag, the effect is better. Cast steel melt temperature is higher, so choose Jin Lian F2 cast steel slag agent, high temperature resistant, full reaction, effectively remove the impurities in the molten steel.
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