Intelligent palletizing robot into auto precision casting industry trend

by:XEX     2021-01-06
With 'made in China 2015' issued and implemented as a national strategy, China's industrial manufacturing level unceasing enhancement, all kinds of robots are widely used in the production, greatly improving the industrial production automation, intelligent, standardization, promote the industrialization process. With indispensable transportation pallet work in factory as an example, the heavy manual work, is also to robot automatic operation. Handling of palletizing robot use effect how? Let's take a look at teck west east China auto casting co. , LTD. , the intelligent pallet successful cases. Huatai company is specializing in the production of cars and light vehicle engine cylinder body of modern precision casting enterprise. In the cylinder body cleaning blanking workshop, there are as many as 20 kinds of automobile engine cylinder block from injection after the furnace exit on the roller table of continuous output. Workers at the side of the table, classifying the cylinder body, lifting pallet. Huatai factory producing millions of cylinder block, the factory class three production throughout the day, each class is equipped with 3 people to blanking stacking of cylinder body on the table, because of the great production, roller table coming in a steady stream of cylinder body, pallet worker is busy, a huge amount of labor. As capacity has increased, under the artificial pallet material is more and more can't meet the needs of production. Huatai company blanking workshop production line fully automatic robot palletizing system installation, replace manual pallet. Company after many than the decision, the dalian reputation of the new technology, solve the old problem, create high benefit. “ Teck west automobile engine cylinder automatic palletizing robot baiting throughout the project &; Was born. According to the actual circumstance of the factory, dalian praise the team for its & other; Customized & throughout; For B15D after spray oil furnace type automatic robot palletizing unit of the automobile engine cylinder block KINROBOTICS - LSP370, can automatically filtered after spraying oil furnace cylinder, for batch biggest B15D cylinder for automatic palletizing. In June 2017, the successful completion of the equipment acceptance, start work efficient palletizing production line. KINROBOTICS - LSP370 artificial heavy payload robot, save a space base and precision mechanical bowl, achieve maximum payload of 500 kg and stretching 3. The best ratio between 0 m. A new generation of SMRT5NJ design, flexible, lightweight structure, compared with specifications robot, can reduce the rotation time and energy consumption by more than 25%. Humanized design of man-machine interface, the workers simply training is to train operation. Reputation in the the project director, said: & other; The application of full automatic, intelligent greatly improve the efficiency of the pallet, make more accurate and efficient material handling. Factory only equipped with one person per shift, greatly reduce the labor costs. At the same time, also improved teck west laborers working environment, reduce workers' personal accident. ” Intelligent, reputation in the industry for industrial transition in an industry to provide intelligent grinding overall solution in many areas, and for the majority of users with the perfect operation training, technical support and after-sales service. As China's industrial intelligent equipment needs to adjust growth and reputation will merv using intelligent manufacturing of advanced technology, with more industrial production enterprises, help China 2015.
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