Interior drainage flexible cast iron pipe installation quality standard ( 2)

by:XEX     2021-01-14
Pipeline and metal stents painting shall meet the following requirements: times comply with the design requirements, types and besmear brushs the paint adhesion is good, without peeling, blister and the coating, the film thickness uniformity, colour and lustre is consistent, no flow and pollution phenomenon. A ( Crane,) Rack and header ( The pier) Installation in accordance with the following provisions: correct structure, buried a right and firm, neat rows, close contact with the pipe. Flexible casting' target='_blank'>cast iron drainage pipe gland and aprons interface should level off, smooth, hanger spacing shall not be more than 2 m. 3, allow deviation project allow deviation (see table project mm) Inspection methods horizontal and vertical direction of transverse bending with level 1 per 1 m ( Level) Check length, ruler, arrows and feet ( More than 25 m) No more than 25 riser verticality every 1 m 3 quantity check messenger wire and ruler
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