Introduction - foundry aluminum process Dongguan foundry casting

by:XEX     2020-11-13
Foundry castings' target='_blank'>casting refers to the use of clay bonded sand for casting, molding materials production is the process method has a long history, is also the most widely application scope. Dongguan casting foundry is today to introduce to introduce the technological process of foundry aluminum. 1, foundry casting aluminum shell mold with raw materials and its characteristics of shell mold with raw materials mainly coated sand, it is made of silica sand, thermoplastic phenolic resin, methenamine stiffening agent, lubricant and other material such as addition, calcium stearate on special mixing equipment heat method of mixing, casting cast aluminum factory is according to the requirements of different structure and type of casting to choose, available on the market at present the performance of the coated sand series products. 2, core/shell mold manufacturing technology and equipment of core/shell mold manufacturing method generally has two kinds: skip and blowing sand method. Skip method is suitable for the shell mold production, while blowing sand method used for shell core production. Sand blowing method can be divided into the bottom blowing shell core machine type and item type two kinds big. Bottom blowing type core shell core mechanism, core sand from blowing at the bottom of the core box, the blowing pressure of 0. 4 ~ 5 mpa, sand blowing time of 15 ~ 35 s. Owing to the core sand blowing at the bottom of the core box, fill is ideal as basic type, is generally applicable to simple shell core shape. Ld type core shell core mechanism, core sand blowing in from core box top filling condition is good, but the machine has complicated structure and commonly used in more complex shell core manufacturing structure, the blowing pressure of 0. l~0. 3 mpa, blowing sand time is 3 ~ 8 s. Shell core manufacturing process is as follows: the core box heating to 210 ~ 250 ℃, blow into the coated sand, the resin coated sand at this time after heated to melt, crusting, flip 180 o, make the core box automatically from side to side several times, emissions from not cured sand, skip reset, continue to hardening of the core/shell type 2 ~ 3 min, can good core/shell mold ejection system. 3, development prospect of foundry casting aluminum shell mold and core technology in the thermal core of legal system is a kind of very promising high-speed core making process, but currently the high for the amount of resin coated sand, the production cost is high, the blow hole and deformation. At the same time it has high curing temperature, curing time, hardening of the big disadvantages such as the smell. At home and abroad are developing all kinds of new type low odor, high strength, curing speed, good rheological properties of modified phenolic resin and hardener of low nitrogen, nitrogen free and developed a new type of precoated sand mixing equipment and; Sand recycling equipment. Above is the process of foundry aluminum can hope to be of help. Small make up said to everyone here today, want to know more information, please attention the dongguan casting foundry, small make up regularly update information for everyone.
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