Investment casting upgrade: silicasol precision casting depth profiling

by:XEX     2021-02-17
Tomb mysterious dragon chassis of the plate, not only for historians, history buffs explore further sites clues, also found a source for precision casting technology. In lost wax casting method of such a fine bronze plate base, this technique also constantly improve, in later evolution, from the simplest investment casting, the sodium silicate precision casting, now silicasol precision casting. The update of the investment casting technology, also brought good news for the foundry industry. As a kind of less cutting or no cutting casting process, is an excellent technology in the casting industry, silicone investment precision casting application is very wide, not only is applicable to various types, various kinds of alloy casting, and produce the casting dimension accuracy and surface quality is higher than other casting method, even other casting method is difficult to cast the complex, high temperature resistant, not easy to processing of castings. Foundry technology, experts say, as the industry requirements for precision casting parts surface quality, shape size increases, the traditional use of liquid sodium silicate can't meet the requirements, ethyl silicate aqueous solution and larger because of pollution and diminishing preparation technology of complex reasons, and the stability of the silicon sol is unique in more and more used in foundry industry. Wujiang blue sky is a professional precision alloy silicon sol, sodium silicate process precision casting enterprise, precision casting, sand casting, die casting, the production of various types of alloy steel, the material such as stainless steel, copper alloy precision casting and machining. So-called silicasol precision casting technology, simply be made meltability fusible materials model, on which the coated with several layers of tailor-made refractory coating, after drying and hardening type to form a whole shell, reoccupy steam or hot water from the melt in the shell model, and then put type shells in the sand, dry sand by filling in all round its modelling, finally will be cast into the furnace after high temperature roasting, cast type or shell after roasting, and are casting in pouring molten metal. Silica sol with many excellent properties, such as with larger specific surface area, high adsorption and caking property, high temperature and the heat resistance and the dielectric strength of the catalytic activity and so on. Making it become increasingly striking 7 fine chemical products, has a broad application prospect. Silica sol containing a refractory powder coating on the casting surface, can reduce the friction between mold and spindle, protect the mold, improve yield; Especially in the precision casting, ceramic shell mold precision casting method, is due to the use of colloidal silica to flourish; Substitute silicon sol silicate ester can reduce costs, improve the operating conditions, made of small particle diameter of silica sol shell strength, good brightness, can greatly improve the quality of castings.
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