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Lead to mold damage factors in the process of steel production, don't be silly, baidu! - Dongguan toy counterweight iron casting

by:XEX     2020-11-04
You know that lead to mold damage in the process of steel production are those factors? Don't be silly, baidu! Dongguan toy counterweight iron casting factory today to tell you the answer! Steel is usually some special structure parts, making up more troublesome, in the process of a steel mold production, due to high temperature, bad solution how much control is easy to result in the crack of the mould is damaged, thus suspending production, increase the production cost of steel. A, the cause of damage of die casting mould: in die casting, mold damage is the most common form of crack, crack. Stress is a major cause of lead to mold damage. Thermal, mechanical, chemical, operation impact is the source of stress, including mechanical stress and thermal stress, stress arising from: ( A) 1 in the process of mould processing and manufacturing, casting forging quality problem some mould only produced hundreds appear crack, and crack developing very quickly. Is probably the only when forging to ensure the appearance size, and the dendritic crystals and inclusions in the steel carbide and loose defects such as shrinkage cavity, bubble along the processing method is lengthen, forming streamline, the streamline of after the last of the quenching distortion and cracking in the process of using, embrittlement, failure has enormous influence on the tendency. 2, in the car, milling, planing and other end processing when the cutting stress, the stress can be eliminate through intermediate annealing. 3, grinding stress formed during quenching steel grinding, grinding the friction heat, soften, decarburization layer, reduces the thermal fatigue strength, easy to cause cracking, early crack. Of H13 steel after fine grinding, can be heated to 510 - 570 ℃, to one hour per 25 mm insulation thickness for eliminating stress annealing. 4, electrical discharge machining to produce stress. Enrichment of mould surface layer electrode and the dielectric element of white layer, hard and brittle, the layer itself will have crack, stress. Electrical discharge machining in high frequency should be adopted, to minimize the white layer, must be removed for polishing method, and tempering treatment, tempering in the tempering temperature. ( 2) 。 Mold during the processing of heat treatment undeserved, can cause mold cracking prematurely discarded, especially by conditioning only, not for quenching, surface nitriding process again, can appear in die casting for thousands of times after surface crack and craze. Is generated when the steel quenching stress, thermal stress of cooling process with phase transformation of the organization result of stress superposition, quenching stress was the cause of shape, craze, solid temper must be carried out to eliminate stress. ( 3) 。 1, the mould temperature in the process of die casting production mould should be preheated to a certain temperature before production, or when the high temperature liquid metal filling chilling, which resulted in increased mold temperature gradient layers, thermal stress forming, make the mould surface cracks, even cracking. In the process of production, mold temperature rising, when mould temperature overheat, prone to stick mold, the moving parts failure caused by mold surface damage. Cooling temperature control system should be set up, and keep the mold work within a certain range of temperature. 2, filling metal liquid with high pressure, high speed filling, is bound to be a intense impact to the mold and erosion, and thus produce mechanical stress and thermal stress. In the process of impact, the metal, impurities, gas will complex chemistry with the mould surface, and accelerated corrosion and cracks. When the liquid metal is gas, low pressure area in the cavity expansion first, when the gas pressure, blasting introversion, pull out the metal particles on the surface of the cavity and damage, the crack due to cavitation. 3, open mould in core pulling, in the process of open mould, when some components deformation, also can produce mechanical stress. 4, the production process in each of the die casting process, because the heat exchange between the mold and metal, make the mould surface cyclical temperature change, cause periodic thermal expansion and contraction, produce periodic thermal stress. If the casting mould surface temperature under compressive stress, and open mold ejection after casting, mold surface because of cooling under tensile stress. When the alternating stress repeated cycle, make the mold internal stress of the accumulation of more and more big, when the stress exceeds the fatigue limit of the material, mold surface cracks. Xin, Nicholson casting technology mature and strong our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting, pay attention to product technology, production of stable product quality, can be comparable to similar products at home and abroad, is worthy of your trust in dongguan toy counterweight iron casting factory!
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