Learn to this a few bearing maintenance skills, god all not afraid - zero basis bearing

by:XEX     2021-01-15
Comprehensive load bearing is an acceptable, construct a special large and super large bearing, its structure is compact, rotary sensitive, device maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic. Learn to this a few bearing maintenance skills, god zero basis all not afraid. ( 1) The use of bearing cooling system. Bearing under the condition of cooling water in the correct use of not only prolong the service life of bearing seat, and improve production efficiency. Bearing material generally is made through a variety of special bearing steel processing, again good bearing steel also have their use of blame, such as temperature. Bearing in the condition of use, if the mold temperature is too high, it would be easy to make mold core surface and early turtle crack, some bearing seat is not even more than 2000 times turtle crack and large area. Even bearing in production because of bearing high temperature mold core are changed color, the measured even reached more than four hundred degrees, the temperature meet again in the release agent is easy to appear crack, under the condition of chilling production of products is also easy to deformation, strain, sticky mold, and so on and so forth. In the case of using bearing cooling water can greatly reduce the use of release agent, so operators don't use the release agent to reduce the temperature of the bearing. The advantage is to effectively extend the service life of bearing seat, save die casting cycle, improve product quality, reduce the viscous modulus and strain and viscose aluminum case, reduce the use of release agent. Also can reduce the push rod caused by overheating bearing temperature and core loss. ( 2) Bearing seat at the start of production in the process of the bearing must be preheated, prevent the cold hot metal bearing suddenly and cause turtle crack appeared, more complex bearing can use burner, liquefied gas, die temperature machine, with good condition relatively simple bearing can use slow injection preheating. ( 3) Clear for bearing the parting surface, it is very trouble, also is very easy to overlook, operators use kerosene on parting surface bearing cleaning thoroughly again, not only can prevent the bearing seat will not be against, and after cleaning, can put the bearing was the remains of the release agent or other dirt jam exhaust slot through, is advantageous to the gas discharge in injection mold during the process of improving product quality. ( 4) If the bearing seat equipped with neutrons control, pay attention to the signal lines between absolute ban on die casting machine and the bearing has a joint phenomenon, the reason is very clear, in the daily production, it is hard to avoid signal lines touch water, easily broken or joint bandage, resulting in the nipple and machine tool, if error caused by signal, light alarm, automatic stop delay time or signal is disorder, the bearing cap. Cause unnecessary losses. Travel switch note waterproof xin, Johnson was founded in 2012 on April 8, the transportation is convenient in: guangzhou, high-speed, high-speed Shen Hai, same highways as well. Is a company specializing in the production of cast copper, cast iron, cast aluminum manufacturers.
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