Lost wax casting history and detailed explanation

by:XEX     2021-01-20
Lost wax casting, including pressure wax, wax, group tree, moistening slurry, wax melting and casting metal liquid and post-treatment process. Lost wax casting is to be cast in wax wax models of the parts, and then coated with mud on wax models, that is the mud mold. After the clay to dry, internal melting wax models into the hot water. Remove melting the wax models of clay and roasting ChengTao template. Once the roasting. Generally, just left a sprue gate, when making a clay from sprue gate into the molten metal, cools, the parts is made. According to the 'lost wax method originated from the spring and autumn period in China. Henan xichuan temple 2 age hunan unearthed copper ban, in the spring and autumn period, was known as the earliest method of lost wax casting. The copper the quads and sides are decorated valuable. such handiwork, surrounded by twelve carving fell beast, body under a total of ten set carving of the beast. Valuable. such handiwork decorative design heavy and complicated and changeful, appearance is magnificent and solemn, reflecting the mid spring and autumn is comparatively mature lost wax method of our country. After the warring states period, qin and han dynasties, lost wax method is more popular, especially during the sui and tang dynasties to the Ming and qing, casting bronze ware is more lost wax method. Cast in this method the bronzes have neither van mark, and no traces of the gasket, the implements of the casting hollow out better with it. The Chinese traditional investment casting technology of metallurgy development has a great influence to the world. Modern industrial revestment precision casting, is developed from the traditional lost wax method. Although no matter in the wax material, molding, molding materials used, process method, etc. , they have very big different, but their technique principle is the same. Austin founded in his 40 s, American engineers named modern revestment precision casting technology, used to get inspiration from Chinese traditional lost wax method. Austin laboratory 1955 first lost wax method of clarification, the Japanese scholar deer take a man according to the history of China and Japan disputed the fact that using the lost wax method, finally achieved victory.
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