Lost wax casting how to finish the custom

by:XEX     2021-01-19
Whether it is a what kind of industry and occasion of lost wax casting products are now indispensable, because some restrictions in terms of the field at the same time, many users need to the size of the special custom, this kind of product or function of the set, we xin, precision casting can accept customized requirements of users, according to the requirements of customers to design and production, to better meet the needs of customers in these areas. Custom process is very simple, first, the user decide they want corresponding dimensions of casting products, as well as the shape, pattern, and the inside of the each function, and so on, draw a design, can contact xin er manufacturers to carry out the corresponding communication, communication both sides confirmed the casting product customization, followed by manufacturer according to plan production costs in terms of the corresponding price, buyers pay the corresponding deposit, is formally entered the process of production, production process in general time difficult to adjust according to your products. Is the final delivery, the user can install the trial, to see if the product has reached the corresponding use requirements, once confirmed the product satisfied, then we can deliver the balance payment, formally complete a deal, if there is insufficient, can contact xin, precision casting co. , LTD. , continue to modify.
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