Main points of the ductile iron pipe fittings must be noticed when installation

by:XEX     2020-12-13
Ductile iron pipe fittings must be noticed when installation points (1), cleaning nozzle: will all debris removal within the socket is swabbed clean. (2), clean aprons, aprons, put the aprons on the adhesion of clear clean, bend the aprons as 'plum blossom shape' or '8' figure into the socket, groove along the entire aprons with the hand press it again, or use a rubber mallet tamp, ensure that each part of synthetic don't become warped twisting, evenly card in the slot. Another simple method is the rubber ring bend two points, namely into concave, into the fixed groove and seal groove, then press flat two convex namely can in turn. (3), besmear brushs lubricant on the external surface of the pin and aprons: install good lubricant besmear equably in socket inner surface, surface coating outside the socket of synthetic lubricant when port outside line interface to all brush divide evenly. (4), the tube, pipe should be according to the requirement of the pipe under the next to drain, usually using artificial pipe under the law or mechanical method. (5), the installation of machines and equipment: equipment installed, the prepared machine installation parts don't have clear tubes when pollution again. 6, pusher tube to insert the socket: when installed, in order to insert the pin into more energy, smooth in the socket. Port into the socket and the interface of the pressure in the socket of aprons, connect the wire rope and chain, for tension chain; At the same time, let a person can be in GuanCheng swung hard pipe mouth end, until all the pins inserted into the socket in place, between socket and the socket should stay about 2 mm gap, and ensure the socket around outside along the distance to the rubber ring. All landowners, pipe installation: due to the fitting its weight is lighter, when installed using single wire rope, easy to make the fitting direction deflection, cause the rubber ring is crowded, cannot be installed. So, can adopt the method of double chain parallel pipe parallel installations, aprons from being squeezed. Also can use longer fitting way, with a single wire for installation. Today, check: check the position of the socket outlets is in line with the requirements ( Clearance check into the socket with steel ruler of synthetic position correctly in place) 。 Xin er, is located in the big city in the middle of * * * * * * - Entrance of wuhan city west, hanchuan textile industrial park, is one of the professional manufacturer of ductile pipe fittings and spare parts. Company's main: hanland pipe fittings, ductile iron pipe fittings, ductile cast iron, ductile iron pipes in 2004, the company invested nearly ten million yuan has introduced new factories and new levels of domestic EPS a vacuum mold production line, has formed four thousand tons scale, can provide users with in accordance with ISO2531 standard brick and various types of DN100 - various interfaces DN800mm of more than 3000 kinds of products, can also according to customer's need to produce all kinds of non-standard pipe fittings and accessories, the company integrating scientific research, production and service, may at any time to provide technical advice and on-site service. Company has all kinds of advanced testing equipment, well-equipped, advanced technology, in strict accordance with ISO9002 instruction system and Swiss SGSIS9002 quality system of organizing production, the production of ball pipes pieces, with its high strength, good toughness, excellent characteristics of high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, with the essence of the iron pipe steel tube performance, is a traditional cast iron pipe of updated products, widely used in water, gas and liquid gas pressure conveying, now is in most provinces, the city's urban water supply, gas supply engineering has the close relationship between supply and demand, well received by users. Company commitment: to the management idea of honest credible, with 'started in user requirements, and finally customer satisfaction' for the purpose of the production and operation, in order to realize the users, enterprises, social three sides the goal of mutual benefit welcome patrons! Keyword: ductile iron pipe fittings
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