Main properties of nodular cast iron parts is introduced Nodular cast iron

by:XEX     2021-03-30
Ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron is through get spheroidal graphite spheroidization and inoculation, effectively improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially improve the plasticity and toughness, and the strength is higher than carbon steel. Small make up today to tell you about main properties of nodular cast iron pieces. Ductile iron castings is almost has already been used in all major industrial sector, which require high strength, plasticity and toughness, wear resistance, resistance to severe heat and mechanical shock, resistance to high temperature or low temperature, corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, etc. In order to meet the conditions of use of these changes, ductile iron, there are many brand, provides the mechanical properties and physical properties of a wide range. Such as the international organization for standardization ISO1083 stipulated by the most ductile iron castings, mainly is the state alloy production. Obviously, this will include tensile strength is greater than 800 newtons per square millimeter, elongation is 2% high strength grades. The other extreme is high plastic brand, its elongation is more than 17%, and the intensity of the corresponding low ( A minimum of 370 n/mm2) 。 Strength and elongation is not designers choose materials according to, and other crucial important performance include yield strength and elastic modulus, abrasion resistance and fatigue strength, hardness and impact performance, etc. In addition, the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and electromagnetic properties for the designer may be the key. In order to meet these special use, developed a set of austenitic ductile iron, usually called a Resis Ni ductile iron. These austenitic ductile iron, mainly use nickel, chromium and manganese alloying, and included in the international standard. For the pearl shape nodular cast iron with high strength, medium toughness and plasticity, and high comprehensive performance, excellent wear resistance and vibration reduction, good casting properties. Can change its performance through a variety of heat treatment. Mainly used for all kinds of machinery crankshaft, camshaft, connecting shaft, connecting rod, gear, clutch plate, hydraulic cylinder and other parts. Above is the main performance of ductile cast iron pieces, hope can help to you. Today small make up to you at this point, let's see you next time.
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