Metal bottom leakage type vacuum casting titanium alloy precision casting method

by:XEX     2020-11-09
In order to solve the titanium and titanium aluminum near net shape precision casting process, difficult and complex defects production rate is extremely low, the cost is higher, the enterprise after nearly a decade of research, invented a is especially suited for titanium alloy and titanium alloy, a new method of casting & ndash; — Bottom leakage type vacuum cast method. Principle: in the water cooled copper crucible melting titanium and titanium aluminium alloy, crucible bottom leakage suction function at the same time, at the end of the melt through the gas pressure will be formed in the pressure into the mold casting titanium alloy. Advantages: this method is especially suitable for the preparation of titanium and titanium alloy of this highly active, high melting point, low alloy casting performance of thin wall castings, has the following advantages: 1. Near net shape, significantly improve the utilization rate of materials; 2. Is especially suitable for casting complex parts, thin wall parts are difficult to use other methods such as the production of castings, forming wall thickness can be 0. 5 mm small thin-wall titanium alloy parts, and this kind of castings with other methods is difficult to casting; 3. Substantially reduce the casting and mold interface reaction, reduce shrinkage in casting defects, refining grain, reducing segregation, can improve the performance of casting 4. 2. Melting and casting process is simple, high efficiency, flexible production, the average cost of production is lower than revestment precision casting and centrifugal casting more than 50%. Enterprise has advanced new materials difficult to processing in the field of titanium alloy and other high melting point, the core of highly active rare metal materials processing and forming technology, in the domestic leading level, using this technology is far lower than the conventional casting methods at present, the cost of the product, on average, more than 50%.
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