Method - flexible cast iron drainage pipe installation - Construction control

by:XEX     2021-01-05
Method - flexible cast iron drainage pipe installation - The construction control of 1. Stand, manifold distance too far, too close, half bright and half dark, causing a area, reduce maintenance construction inconvenience: main pipe installation location or displacement of the wall. 2. Drain pipe socket tilt, causes interface leak: is obligate mouth direction, uneven interface crack. 3. Riser check mouth permeability, water: check gland must be padded mouth, in case of leakage. 4. Floor drain is installed too high or too low, the impact of using: requirements according to indoor horizon, and obligate catchment slope determine elevation. 5. Sanitary ware drain obligate mouth ground is high or low, the reason is elevation did not find, or baiting size is wrong. 6. Drainage pipe slope is too small or slope, influence the use effect, various pipe slope must be according to the design requirements for construction. Such as the design requirements, can refer to the table below requirements for installation: serial number diameter ( mm) Slope minimum slope grade 1 50 0. 035 0. 0252750. 0250. 01531000. 0200. 01241250. 0150. 01051500. 0100. 00762000. 0080. 0057. Drainage pipeline laying along the wall, the tube center and metope minimum distance as shown in the table below: riser pipe diameter tube center and metope distance 50 70 5075100125150200 80 90 110 1308. Discharge pipe connection with riser appropriate USES two DHS 45 elbow or bending radius should not less than 4 times the diameter of 90 DHS elbow, or appropriate cause blockage. 9. When using cast iron pipe, vertical pipe branch pipe using UPVC pipe, pipe diameter difference: nominal diameter of 50, 75, 100, 125150200 cast iron pipe foreign economic UPVC pipe foreign economic 507511012516020010 6186111137 162 214. Because of the type A flexible interface for extrusion cast iron drainage pipe interface, easy to fall off, so in the main elbow must add the fixed bracket, at the tee, pipe bend steel fixed bracket, riser fixed card if on the floor or obstruction of waterproof construction is beautiful, the clamp can be fixed to the floor. But it must be and wall flat; Pipe support position on the straight pipe socket, it is advisable to 10 cm from socket. 11. Socket may not be within the wall or floor. 12. Type A drainage cast iron pipe, flexible interface card frame fixed on the socket socket 10 - distance 20 cm, may not be fixed at the side of the socket. More related content: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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