Method - flexible cast iron drainage pipe installation - The construction technology

by:XEX     2021-01-05
Method - flexible cast iron drainage pipe installation - The construction technology, A) Prepared according to the design drawings and technical clarificaiton installation, check the hole size, the pipeline position alignment positioning, mark on the wall or roof. Pipe alignment specific requirements: (1) pipe line to main and branch pipe by the main alignment positioning. Pay-off level detail came before, make each line each cross cross or less, at the same time operating space reserved prevent condensation heat preservation and maintenance. 2 to drain to install building axis positioning, and at the same time with wall, column, beam for auxiliary positioning basis. Positioning, according to construction drawing to determine pipe in the wall ( Column) Pop-up pipe positioning on the slope of line, horizontal line slope in accordance with the specification requirements of 0. 01 - 0. 035, taking pipe bottom elevation gradient line for pipe line slope of benchmark. ( 2) Process flow riser pay-off, throughout the total floors riser hole, top-down messenger wire, pop-up riser installation of vertical center line, as the riser positioning and installation of the line.
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