Mudanjiang smart lock automatically open manhole covers the characteristics of is what

by:XEX     2021-02-17
Usually need professionals to clear. As part of the pipe handling soft, slot end fall off or deformation, this part should be truncated. At the same time, because with the elbow, valve, etc. , should be around no impact under the premise of pavement structure, will be different in the length of pipe from the mouth of the well surface layer and base materials on invisible. The material in the production process of hard to crack, double skin, slag etc. Three small quality issues. So the theft phenomenon is very mild, caused economic losses. Therefore, when using this product, we must choose and select practical value. Not indirectly by circular manhole covers more precise, of course, not only saving the material of the cover, and ensure the safety of the manhole cover. Because some settlement of manhole covers do not make the quality has been completely damaged, although will impact smooth road to walk, but the function is in show effect, but the editor to warn everybody, proposed the under the situation of manhole covers sinking walk around and improve security. Wellhead protection using nodular cast iron tubes of manhole cover. After concrete well, should according to the main test, the shaft frame pad, and setting up the mouth of the well internal model. And its using environment is also very few, must have a low compressive properties of corrosion resistance and weak.
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