Need in precision casting equipment

by:XEX     2021-01-24
I wonder if you do the general workpiece or compare basic process requires high castings' target='_blank'>precision casting equipment is: shoot the wax - Wax machine, ice water machine, air conditioning. Leaching pulp - Hods, floating sand machine, air conditioner, dewaxing furnace, dehumidifier, in addition to the bucket and let stand for barrels, leaching pulp can also choose for wax concentrate robotic arm and automated system; Melting gold - Sintering furnace, high frequency melting furnace, shell machine. Reprocessing - precision casting Cutting machine, grinding machine, sandblasting machine, deoxidization, heat treatment furnace, punch press; Maintenance - Pneumatic grinding machine, argon welding machine, polishing machine; Quality assurance - Spectrometer, three yuan, etc, which are relatively common, if want to more advanced, vacuum casting furnace and vacuum heat treatment furnace or X-ray, etc. Need these equipment in production of precision casting, specific operation has a professional staff. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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