Nine attention points to improve the quality of ductile iron pipe fittings

by:XEX     2021-01-07
Ductile iron pipe is mainly used in municipal, gas, water, transportation, etc. , is a good choice, now the water supply in a higher price. Compared with PE pipe, ductile iron pipe fittings when installation is more simple, good bearing pressure, and impermeability and corrosion resistance is better than PE pipe has significantly increased, from the point of water function, ductile iron pipe standard PE pipe standard usually is usually refers to the inner diameter, outer diameter, under the condition of equal standard, ductile iron pipe fittings can be done more runoff, from the point of inductive device protection cost, ductile pipe has more superior performance. 1, socket internally, socket end of asphalt gas welding, burner to bake, to fly and casting sand available grinding wheel wear off, or use a chisel. 2, the ring to the gap of socket cooperation, sealing requirements should be satisfied with the interface. 3, when the ductile iron pipe fittings choose flexible interface, table inside the socket should be lubricated, can not have influence interface sealing of faults. 4, temporarily blind plate force requirements should be satisfied, and the structure and way when its pressure test should be done on the back of strong support. 5, pipe laying, elbow, tee and fixed blind flange shall be masonry piers. 6, pressure testing, to check the pipes with and without deformation or damage, otherwise, it is necessary to reinstall or repair. 7, aprons deposit should pay attention to avoid light, don't composite kneading, long time storage should be packing or to hide. 8, lubricants can not brush appearance in the socket. 9, bolt appropriate chooses malleable cast iron, was elected with a steel bolt, it is necessary to choose anti-corrosion measures.
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