Ningbo precision casting factory: what made processing difficulty

by:XEX     2021-01-15
Precision casting factory is a less cutting or no cutting casting process, is an excellent technology in foundry industry, its application is very extensive. Demand for stainless steel precision casting in stainless steel material is very big, to a certain extent, we can contribute to the processing of stainless steel precision casting. In the process of stainless steel precision casting processing, also can appear some difficulties, we are difficult to solve. Below to share precision casting factory processing difficulties: 1, stainless steel precision casting processing work hardening seriously: cutting work hardening tendency, when cutting tool in cutting work hardening area, shortening the knives' service life. 2, large cutting force, cutting temperature is high, the type of material strength, cutting the tangential stress, plastic deformation, thus cutting force. Besides poor materials thermal conductivity, and high temperature are often concentrated near the cutter blade is long and narrow area, so as to speed up the tool wear. 3, tool wear, material containing high melting point elements, plasticity, high cutting temperature, increased tool wear, sharpening, tool change frequently, which affects the production efficiency, improve the tooling cost. At the time of precision casting factory, can according to the above processing way to carry on the processing, you need stainless steel precision casting, you can contact us. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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