Nodular cast iron and the difference between ordinary cast iron Nodular cast iron

by:XEX     2021-02-12
Ductile iron is in the 50 s of the 20th century developed a kind of high strength cast iron material, its comprehensive performance is close to steel, it is based on its superior performance, has been successfully used in casting some complex loading, requiring higher strength, toughness and abrasion resistance parts. You must be very confused nodular cast iron and the difference between ordinary cast iron? Small make up today to introduce to introduce the nodular cast iron and the difference between ordinary cast iron. A lot of friends will ask what is the difference between nodular cast iron and cast iron? Because if only from the appearance point of view, we generally cannot clear judgment which is nodular cast iron, which is cast iron. Hebei saint casting industry co. , LTD. Is a large casting factory in hebei, the main products are ductile iron castings and gray iron castings. Let's meet the difference between nodular cast iron and cast iron. Cast iron is refers to the carbon content in more than 2% of the iron carbon alloy. Industrial use of cast iron carbon content is 2% ~ 4% in general. Many of carbon in cast iron graphite morphology exist, sometimes also with cementite. In addition to carbon, also contains 1% ~ 3% of silicon in cast iron, and manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements. Ductile iron is grey cast iron molten iron after spheroidizing treatment, precipitation of graphite spheres, hereinafter referred to as ductile iron. Than ordinary grey cast iron has high strength, good toughness and plasticity. Used in the manufacture of internal combustion engine, auto parts and agricultural machinery. Above is the difference between ordinary cast iron and nodular graphite cast iron, believe that after you read this article for nodular cast iron has a new understanding. To learn more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website, this website will not give you regularly update some related content.
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