Nodular cast iron heat treatment

by:XEX     2021-02-08
Nodular cast iron heat treatment time is not the same as the cooling rate of castings were situated in the process of casting, form of casting stress, if not eliminate, it will make in the process of machining and the use of parts deformation and cracking. For the release of the stress often USES the artificial aging and natural aging two ways. Casting is heated to about 500 ~ 560 ℃ heat preservation time, and then with air cooling furnace cooling to take out the castings, the limitation for the artificial aging; Natural ageing is to cast iron pieces in outdoor 6 ~ 18 months, release stress nature, this limitation can be will release some stress, but also for a long time, low efficiency, has not used in addition to annealing malleable cast iron nodular cast iron cementite is decomposed into flocculent mass graphite, cast iron heat treatment purpose lies in two aspects: one is to change the matrix organization, improve the performance of cast iron, the second is to eliminate casting stress. It is worth noting: heat treatment of castings can't change the casting graphite morphology and distribution of the original, the original is flake or spheroidal graphite after heat treatment is still the flake or globular, at the same time it will not change, the size of the distribution will not change.
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