Nodular cast iron manhole covers

by:XEX     2021-03-31
Nodular cast iron manhole cover is one of the nodular cast iron products. Through the spheroidization and inoculation, nodular cast iron can be ductile, effectively improved the mechanical properties of cast iron, especially the plasticity and toughness, strength higher than that of carbon steel. Ductile cast iron is developed in the 1950 s a kind of high strength cast iron material, its comprehensive performance is close to steel. Nodular cast iron with its excellent performance, successfully used in casting some stress is complex, high strength, toughness and abrasion resistance parts. Ductile iron has rapidly developed into a kind of widely used after gray cast iron cast iron material. The so-called & other; In steel & iron throughout; Is mainly refers to nodular cast iron. As-cast pearlite nodular cast iron crankshaft and as-cast ferritic nodular cast iron has the second car factory in China, nanjing automobile chassis parts factory and the first car factory production. This suggests that the as-cast nodular cast iron production has reached a higher level. Suitable for the technology of external desulfurization, after melting, instantaneous inoculation and inoculation piece of technology, audio detection, rapid thermal analysis technology, marked the our country automobile castings production technical level and international advanced level of the gap is narrowing.
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