Nodular cast iron manhole covers

by:XEX     2021-03-31
Nodular cast iron manhole cover features: good toughness. Impact value close to medium carbon steel, gray cast iron is 10 times more than. The corrosion resistance is strong. In the water spray corrosion test, corrosion quantity is only 90 days steel pipe of 140 and 110 of the gray cast iron pipe. Its service life is twice that of grey cast iron pipe is five times that of ordinary steel pipe. Good plasticity. Elongation & ge; 7%, similar to those of high carbon steel, and the elongation of grey cast iron material is zero. High strength. Not less than 420 mpa tensile strength, yield strength is not less than 300 mpa. Due to the microstructure of nodular cast iron, nodular cast iron is better than that of cast steel in reducing vibration ability, thus more conducive to reduce stress. One major reason for the choice of ductile cast iron is the cost of the ductile iron is lower than cast steel. The low cost of nodular cast iron material is more popular, casting is more efficient, reduce the processing cost of nodular cast iron. The strength of the nodular cast iron and cast steel. Ductile iron has high yield strength, minimum yield strength of 40 k, and cast steel yield strength was only 36 k, in the municipal applications such as water, salt water, steam, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of ductile iron are better than that of cast steel.
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