Nodular cast iron manhole covers basic performance characteristics

by:XEX     2021-04-01
Nodular cast iron manhole cover characteristics with the rapid development of urban size, the municipal infrastructure is imperfect, in major cities across the country covers stolen and broken happened many times, people accidentally fell into the CMC and hurt dashed tragedy made huge losses to the state and individual, my company production of a new generation of card pin type nodular cast iron anti-theft covers to put an end to the accidents. The product has shockproof, prevention, security, prevent slippery, prevent shift, prevent breakage, etc. 1) Shock: through the circle of the well check mouth set to u-shaped slot, with T synthetic rubber, embedded in the u-shaped slot, in the process of manhole cover contact with well circle, to act as a buffer effect, reduce the vibration. 2) The ring: the cap and the occlusal surface of the well, direct effect on the T rubber strip, and with noise cancellation. 3) Security: on the outer cover, a rectangular slot of protruding its inner side cover ring through well fixed shaft connected to the manhole covers, set pin the other end of the wall body is fixed, and anti-theft function, when open the manhole cover is placed under 90 degrees or desirable manhole covers, convenient for construction. Warded lock using the nylon bushing, never rust, and is equipped with special tools to open, safe and reliable. 4) Antiskid: covers surface using convex 3 mm pattern, thus good prevent slippery effect. 5) Shift: well reserved four rivet head bolt hole, uniform distribution at 90 degrees, each using 4 anchor bolts, eliminated in the process of road construction shift occur due to mechanical compaction, and play a security role. 6) Put the damage: this is the biggest characteristic of nodular cast iron manhole covers, heavy nodular cast iron manhole covers can be confined to 36 t/t 60, light can be weighed on the 21 t. Even load pressure exceeds its limits, ductile manhole cover is not like ordinary cast iron manhole covers and broken, but a bit out of shape, to cars and pedestrians have certain security. More details please see xin, Nicholson's official website: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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