Nodular cast iron series related performance characteristics

by:XEX     2021-02-01
Heat resistant cast iron heat resistant cast iron castings is working under high temperature, such as the furnace bottom plate, heat exchanger, crucible, transport chain of heat treatment furnace, etc. Join in grey cast iron elements, such as aluminum, silicon and cadmium on the one hand and the oxide film formed in the casting surface, preventing continue to oxidation; On the other hand increase the critical temperature of cast iron, make it become a single-phase ferritic matrix, graphitization process does not occur, so the improved heat resistance of cast iron. Corrosion resistant cast iron corrosion resistant cast iron is mainly used for chemical components, such as valves, pipes, pumps, container, etc. Add silicon in cast iron, chromium, aluminum, molybdenum, copper and nickel alloy elements, such as form a protective film in the surface of the casting, or make the substrate electrode potential rise, can improve the corrosion resistance of cast iron. Commonly used high corrosion resistant cast iron with high silicon, silicon molybdenum, high alumina and chromium corrosion resistant cast iron. Wear resistant cast iron get add some alloying elements in cast iron. Wear resistant cast iron is in under the working conditions of abrasive wear of cast iron, should have high and uniform hardness. White cast iron is belong to this type of wear resistant cast iron. But white cast iron brittleness is bigger, can't bear impact load, so often used in the production of chilling method for wear resistant cast iron.
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