Old one bronze casting process, through the light to see inscriptions

by:XEX     2020-10-23
Bronze is a symbol of China's ancient civilization, is a typical representative of the Bronze Age artifacts. In the hierarchical ritual of society, both as a fete guest, offering at the ritual vessels of god, or as an apparatus for every aspect of the buried in the master's status. May be most people think, bronze is green blue. Bronze ware in has just been forged, before after the oxidation of time was not yet become a turquoise is golden, shine with the light of the metal, so bronze at the time called & other; JiJin & throughout; 。 Its sort is various, decoration pattern is also extremely complex era characteristics, the castings' target='_blank'>casting process, decorative art to show the world the artisan skills people at that time. Then make a brief introduction of bronze casting technique. At the same time, we can from the dimension of casting craft, rediscover bronze ware. A, Fan Zhu method ( Also known as block van method) ( 1) In a special mud, to make a die cast bronze ware of solid clay. ( 2) On the clay block making outer fan. Figure 1 ( 3) Nap after van outside, need to conduct fine grain, small van outside joining together into large pieces. ( 4) Then, in the bottom of the bronze ware production inscriptions fei figure 2 ( 5) To scrape off the layer thickness on the clay mold, forming a certain space, this space is the thickness of the cast bronze. ( 6) Gate and riser section after NiFan. Figure 3 ( 7) Fire needs the high temperature of 600 degrees, the process of burning ChengTao mass shape, and then fan for synthesis as a whole, preheating and perfusion fluid of copper. ( 8) Before the last step is from van out of bronze ware, still need to break the van. Each step is not only a physical labor, but also a live technical, linked together, is the embodiment of the ancestors wisdom crystallization. Figure 4, lost wax casting bronze ware of the second method is the lost wax method. ( 1) With mud system fan is expected to produce bronze ware inside the van, and air-dried ( 2) , van with wax tablets ( 3) Then, in paraffin section hand-cut, carved empty figure 5 ( 4) Dragons playing with wax material model to the other and mouth wax column ( Pictured above) ( 5) Again with molding wax gate and exhaust channel, and welding the wax models for the whole group. ( 6) In addition, van material will be diluted into the mud, and repeatedly apply wax pattern, forming the required thickness can withstand the casting copper. After order, relatively dry van material covered in mud layer, air-dried into overall NiFan again. Figure 6 ( 7) Sprue cup upside down, baking fan, wax material melt flow, baking to into pottery mould from 600 to 850 degrees Celsius. ( 8) Pottery mould preheating before pouring molten copper to sintering temperature. ( 9) Bronze after cooling solidification, removal of internal and external fan, cut out the gate. Figure 7 ( 10) Moulds of complex shape complete bronze ware, properly polished. So far, the unearthed the earliest use of method of lost wax casting bronze ware, was unearthed in 1979 in henan xichuan county make Yin Zigeng chu tomb of moire copper ban ( Figure 8) And before the moire copper ban was found, tomb unearthed bronze plate ( Figure 9) Was thought to be the first to use lost wax casting of bronze ware. Figure 8 figure 9 (3) the particularity of the bronze mirror is that when a parallel light irradiation in opaque mirror, mirror reflection cast like, can shadow show mirror back grain and inscriptions. The mirror also called through light microscope ( Figure 10 - 11) , in the western han dynasty, the front is slightly convex shape. Perspective phenomenon appears, it is because when the casting cooling reaction and mirror grinding process, the effect of casting stress and the elastic strain, eventually to optical path amplification in the mirror, produce magic mirror back design of pervious to light effect. Figure 10. Figure 11
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