On the general principles of ductile cast iron pipe of metal corrosion

by:XEX     2021-03-18
About ductile iron pipes of the general principles of metallic corrosion metal conductor usually buried in the ground can determine the certain capacity of current, caused by the current metal body corrosion phenomenon known as electrolytic corrosion, hereinafter referred to as electrical or galvanic corrosion. This kind of corrosion is mainly caused by leakage current generated by the electric locomotive rails. Prevent corrosion method has the following kinds: ( 1) In the subway can reduce corrosion method: 1) Increase the base of the orbit to leakage resistance; 2) Reduce the rail resistance; 3) Reduce power supply area; 4) Use insulated wire. ( 2) Taken in underground pipeline corrosion protection methods: 1) Choose laying lines; 2) Insulation joint; 3) Take 4) flow method Connect the low potential metal; 5) Isolated conductive body; 6) Use insulation isolation; 7) With insulation; 8) The chemical corrosion method. Ductile iron pipes because of its high resistance, therefore not easy to generate electricity corrosion D mechanical interface nodular cast iron works with insulated rubber ring seal effect, so also do not need to worry about electric corrosion. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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