Origin of nodular cast iron pipe industry review and prospect analysis

by:XEX     2020-11-26
In 1947 Britain H. Morrogh found that additional cerium in hypereutectic gray cast iron, its content in 0. More than 2 wt % graphite spheres. The United States in 1948 A. P。 Ganganebin et al. Research suggests that adding magnesium in cast iron, then used ferrosilicon inoculation, when residual magnesium amount greater than zero. 4 wt %, the spheroidal graphite. Since then, nodular cast iron began a large-scale industrial production. The world famous manufacturers have Japanese long yasuda, France MuSongQiao, such as the United States joint industrial co. , LTD. Ductile iron pipe industry in China started in the early 1990 s, under the support of China's urban water supply association development rapidly, after nearly 20 years of practical use, its security, practical it has been generally recognized by the water supply industry, 2008, the annual output reached 2. 2 million tons, domestic is 11 times in 1990. Because our country is a country with water shortage, water shortage city for more than 600, serious water shortage city for more than 200, water saving water supply enterprise ascendant, ductile iron pipes have broad prospects for development. According to the survey, the developed countries in the total sales of the cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe comprises 95% to 98%. And the actuality of our country is, nodular cast iron tube accounts for only 27% of total sales of the cast iron pipe, the ministry of construction issued the '2010 urban water supply industry development plan and 2020 vision' specified nodular cast iron pipe is leading pipe of water supply industry in the future. The domestic market demand of the ductile iron pipe has huge potential. At present, China's ductile iron pipe industry technical level has reached the international level of the same period, our country in the production of ductile iron pipe has the advantage of low labor costs. Ductile cast iron pipe production in the world has been by the western developed countries gradually shift to Asia and other developing countries. The production of ductile iron casting tube products in the international market with strong competitive advantage.
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