Our country present condition analysis of the precision casting industry

by:XEX     2021-01-09
Precision castings' target='_blank'>casting industry in our country the status quo analysis of casting is one of the main methods to obtain blank mechanical products, is a very important process, the basis of mechanical industry occupies an important position in national economy. Casting blank again after CNC lathe processing, machinery parts can be processed into the required. The present status of China foundry industry is large output, an annual output of 36. 5 million tons of casting about, ChangDian much, more than 20000, staff in foundry industry are more than 1. 2 million people. The one big characteristic of casting industry in China since the reform and opening up the rapid development of township enterprises, to become China's foundry industry an important force. Foundry points more than state-owned foundry, towns foundry point of casting production accounts for about half of the total casting production. The current industrial developed countries in the world the development of casting technology of induction up to roughly four goals, namely: (1) to protect the environment, to reduce and eliminate pollution; (2) to improve casting quality and reliability, the production of high quality almost final shape casting; (3) reduce the production cost; (4) to shorten the delivery time. Casting industry in China except ChangDian, practitioners, high yield, compared with the developed countries, in terms of quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, working conditions and environmental protection are a gap. The cause of the gap is small foundries point, economic strength is poor, technology and equipment backward, low management level, personnel quality is not high. In order to eliminate the gap, in order to meet the need of economic construction in our country, also own existence and development for the casting industry, foundry industry in our country should be to improve casting quality and economic benefit as the center, facing the domestic and international two markets; Strengthen the management, the foundation, improve the quality of the enterprise; Adjust the industrial structure, the rational allocation of resources, advocate moderate scale management; Continue to apply to advanced production technology and technical equipment in foundry industry transformation, realizing clean production, guarantee the sustainable development. 1, efficiency is the foundation for the development of the enterprise development is the basis of benefit, the development is to achieve higher efficiency. There should be a high benefit casting industry in China. Without benefit of enterprise is difficult to survive, let alone development. In order to improve the efficiency, from the following several aspects: (1) downsizing efficiency and saving energy and reducing consumption. (2) implement specialized production. (3) to adopt new technology, the realization of scientific management. 2, the quality is enterprise's life quality and efficiency of seemingly contradictory sometimes, but the two are unified. The poor quality of the products of the enterprise is not based on, much less benefit, also may not be sustainable development. Improve the quality of the product should be from the following several aspects: (1) the reasonable raw material choose and buy, formulate and strictly implement the relevant technical process correctly. (2) to adopt new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials.  答 : To strengthen the research of computer technology application in casting production. b。 In sand mold casting, high hardness and high uniformity of the casting, the corresponding technology and equipment development and promotion. c。 Development of near net shape and net shape casting technology. d。 Development of new technology of liquid metal processing and purification of new technology, optimization of material performance. e. Development of mechanization automation, to ensure the stability and homogeneity of casting quality, improve the working conditions. f。 Strengthen the research and application of casting environmental protection equipment. (3) has a stable of high-quality staff team. 3, realizing clean production of clean production is the basic requirement of sustainable development. The meaning of clean production are: as low as possible for resources ( Raw materials) And energy consumption; A pleasant production environment and the minimum or zero emissions; In the production of clean products ( Product energy consumption, material consumption, easy to regeneration reuse and conform to the requirements of the man-machine engineering) 。 Casting of clean production, the main is application of a new technology, new technology, new material and new equipment in order to realize the low consumption, low pollution or pollution-free and foundry production of a pleasant environment, etc
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