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by:XEX     2020-11-10
Cast aluminum generally refers to the way made by castings' target='_blank'>casting technology of aluminum castings, and die-casting aluminum is produced by high pressure die casting aluminum casting, the difference between the two main casting process is different. Dongguan lighting counterweight iron foundry for details with you! Casting process generally has a foundry casting, lost wax casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, ceramic mold casting, plaster mould casting, casting process. Die casting technology is a kind of high pressure die casting, the use of the cold chamber die casting machine for production. Number of two this process by using cast aluminum is also different, China representative of the GB with ZL casting of aluminium alloy grades, YL on behalf of the die casting aluminum alloy brand of a class. Usually can make heat treatment to strengthen casting aluminum casting, generally USES the T6 heat treatment, and intensive distribution inside the die casting for large amounts of gas, so does the T6 heat treatment ( The reason was that the T6 heat treatment temperature is very high, 15 - is lower than the melting point of aluminum alloy About 20 degrees, the gases in die casting can expand and be forced out of the casting surface, make the surface of the die casting a dense due to run out of gas after dot protuberant, casting appearance serious damage, cannot use) 。 Production of stable product quality, can be comparable to similar products at home and abroad, is a high reputation in the industry, trustworthy dongguan lighting counterweight iron foundry!
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