Performance and characteristics of commonly used nodular cast iron ( 2)

by:XEX     2021-01-13
Commonly used nodular cast iron properties and characteristics of 3, malleable cast iron. Malleable cast iron is made up of white cast iron obtained by annealing treatment of a high-strength cast iron. It has high strength, plasticity and impact toughness, can replace carbon steel parts. According to the different annealing method, this kind of cast iron has a 'dirty' and the two types of mind. 'Dirty' malleable cast iron by graphitizing annealing; White heart malleable cast iron using oxidation decarburization annealing production. Malleable iron is used to make complex shape parts, shock and vibration under load, such as pipe joint and low pressure valves, etc. These parts made from cast steel, casting performance is bad, difficult to process, and use grey cast iron, and performance can not meet the requirements of problems. Compared with nodular cast iron, malleable cast iron has low cost, stable quality, simple process etc. Especially for thin-walled parts, nodular cast iron is easy to generate white, the need for high temperature annealing, then USES the malleable iron is more appropriate. 4, YanJi cast iron. Vermicular cast iron is developed in recent years a new type of high-strength cast iron material. Its strength is close to nodular cast iron, and has a certain toughness and high wear resistance; At the same time have a grey cast iron good casting properties and thermal conductivity. Vermicular cast iron is in a certain composition of the molten iron to add just the right amount of vermicularizing alloy was treated and tempered. Vermicularizing alloy or titanium alloy, rare earth magnesium alloy at present mainly adopts magnesium calcium rare earth magnesium alloy, etc. Vermicular cast iron in production is mainly used in the production of cylinder head, cylinder cover, ingot mould and casting such as hydraulic valve.
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