Pig iron casting advantage lies in where? - Pig iron casting

by:XEX     2021-01-29
Form of carbon with flake graphite in cast iron casting, its fracture is gray, usually also called gray iron. Small make up today to tell you about the advantage of pig iron casting. 1, pig iron casting, simplifies the construction drawing design of merchants, the cost of project investment can reduce thirty percent to forty percent, ∽ driver cost can be reduced by ten percent twenty percent ∽; Reduces the smoke, dust and noise pollution, greatly improved the foundry worker the laborer of the natural environment, reduce the labor efficiency. 2, the appearance of the castings are not subject to the limit of traditional casting process, the release of the mechanical design staff, according to the performance of the parts, can design ideal casting appearance at random; &industry withdrew the sand core and core, solved as core, the core lead to casting defects and waste; Ease casting net weight, slope could reverse draft. 3, incompatible box, modulus, casting size shape accuracy, good repeatability, having the features of fine casting, greatly simplifies the design process, solved by modulus and box of casting defects and waste, the casting surface smoothness. 4, pig iron casting process using the common, not only applicable to steel, pig iron, suitable for copper casting, aluminum casting, etc. 5, easy to maintain automatic assembly line production and manufacturing, production assembly line ductility is big, can maintain different aluminum alloy on a production line, different shape, different size of casting production. Above is about the advantage of pig iron casting, the hope can help you. Today small make up to you at this point, let's see you next time.
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