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by:XEX     2021-01-30
Along with our country's science and technology promotion, in pig iron castings' target='_blank'>casting processing industry, also has a more prominent progress. The pig iron casting processing is used to reducing furnace and other equipment, so reducing furnace structure is how to? Listen to the pig iron foundry small make up how to speak! 1, the furnace: the furnace is a straight type, inner diameter & phi; 760 mm, total height less than 3. 5 m, material from the side of the mouth to join; Main body with acid refractory brick masonry, the oven door is located in the iron liquid storage pool directly above, here is a single water cold mouth entrance; Side a manhole to pyre ignition. 2, hearth, hearth knot with neutral materials, ingredients: coke powder 80%, 13%, coal tar pitch by 7%. With large POTS with coal tar pitch first boil, add Fried coke powder mix uniformly distributed. Knot in the dry state. Hearth knot after drying on the car pushed into the bottom, with one thousand jins bumps, and joint surface between the main body, also use the same material, under the jacking pressure seal. Factory workers casting mature technology strength our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting, pay attention to product technology, production of the product quality is stable.
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