Pipeline leakage reason for what, and processing methods

by:XEX     2021-01-25
Another common leaking mainly pipeline tapping. There are so many reasons, mainly has the following several factors: a, ductile pipe not installed in place or install Angle more than standard ( 及, 150:5°,DN200 300:4°,DN350 - 600:3°,DN700 - 800:2°) 。 Can check the socket in the installation of the spray printing line, confirm whether installation as required. B, ductile GuanCheng ellipse, aprons not sealing effect. C, ductile pipe will gore aprons, aprons is damaged, not seal. D, ductile GuanCheng mouth have sundry adhesion, not clean, not sealed aprons. E, aprons, quality is bad, can't restore elasticity after compression, not seal. Pipe or aprons radial dimension is unqualified, or cannot be matched, causing poor sealing. The solution: nuclear recognition on the above situation should be one by one, is a, c, d items to correct installation, is the item b can replace the qualified products or engage in campus, e, f is a replacement of qualified products. If can't change, can use ductile hough section ( Socket with) To deal with. There is a leaking pipe and pipe fittings or joint pipe itself, the reason with the pipe joint leakage, the solution is the same. Difference is when due to the damage caused by leaking pipe fittings, slightly ooze water can welding processing, serious leakage protective processing available cement complete coverage. Company's official website: http://www. xexfoundry。 com
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