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Place of ductile cast iron pipe note!

by:XEX     2021-01-06
Speaking of ductile iron pipes, you must be very familiar with. Ductile iron pipe is mainly used for building drainage system. It is the main function of the drainage and exhaust. In this process, if you don't note there will be some hidden trouble, so must be strictly implemented according to the specification. Do you know the matters needing attention when placed? Straight is the trench excavation of track maintenance, ductile iron pipe prefabrication section according to the direction of the water from the outlet to the indoor layout in turn. Will be gradually put into operation pit preformed pipe section, as a grey cast, and then seal the total outlet, temporary support, and according to the connection section of the construction drawings. Before ash hole be drilled within the trench, ductile iron pipe straight, with a twist drill or fine cut evenly to find a socket clearance, twist and twist tamping, straighten, proofreading. Pipe should be well cultivated soil on both sides, prevent the ash hole shift when laying pipes. Pile location adjacent to ban store items, the role of steel corrosion were stacked on top of the pad should be high, reinforcement, level off, avoid data be affected with damp be affected with damp or deformation. Similar materials are stacked in a warehouse order, facilitate the implementation of the constitution. Steel, deposited in the open air under mat wood or stone, the pile face slightly tilted, facilitate drainage, and pay attention to the straightness of material, avoid a winding. Is more than some of the Suggestions we pipe manufacturers. I hope that you can use them in the future life. With T, N1, S product interfaces, available for all kinds of users' choice; Corrosion protection measures adopted coating, harmless, lined with cement and so on the many kinds of processing methods, the products are widely used in the industries of water supply, gas supply and other industries.
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