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Precision casting alloy steel machining tools

by:XEX     2020-11-22
In recent years, with the development of the society, the diversification of precision alloy steel castings' target='_blank'>precision casting products, precision casting alloy steel processing tend diversification, more and more difficult, the requirement of precision casting alloy steel processing equipment is becoming more and more high. A, precision casting alloy steel processing tool requirements 1. Tool geometric parameters for machining precision casting alloy steel, tool cutting part geometry, shall generally be used Angle, Angle of choice after consideration. 2. The surface roughness of cutting tool, in order to improve the surface of the cutting part of the cutting tool, can reduce the resistance when the blade of broken, improve the durability of cutting tools. 3. Spindle materials requirements of precision casting alloy steel processing because of the cutting force is bigger, so the spindle must have sufficient strength and stiffness, in order to avoid the process of cutting chatter and deformation. The need to use the appropriate large cross-sectional area of the knife, but also should be used to produce high strength material Arbor, 4. The requirements of the cutting tool parts processing precision casting alloy steel, request tool cutting parts of material with high wear resistance, and can at high temperature to keep its cutting performance. Carbide cutting tools is more suitable for precision casting alloy steel cutting. Due to the use of precision casting alloy profiles is becoming more common, the demand for precision casting alloy steel profiles are also growing, to a certain extent, promote the development of precision casting alloy steel processing. Second, the difficulty of precision casting alloy steel processing 1. Precision casting alloy steel work hardening seriously: hardened cutting hardened, cutting tool in the region of the strain hardening, shortening the knives' service life. 2. High cutting force, cutting temperature, material strength type, cut the tangential stress, plastic deformation, cutting force is big. In addition, the thermal conductivity of materials is poor, the high temperature tend to cluster in the tool cutting edge near the narrow area, thus accelerating the tool wear. 3. Precision casting alloy steel processing convenient bar: whether it is a precision casting alloy steel processing chip toughness, the characteristics of cutting temperature is very high. When solid debris flows through the rake face, can make the tool wear. 4. Tool wear speed up material generally contain high melting point elements, plastic, high cutting temperature, increased tool wear, knife, tool change frequently, which affects the production efficiency, raise the cost of tool use. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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