Precision casting cold iron raw materials selection

by:XEX     2021-01-24
Precision castings' target='_blank'>casting part cold iron raw material selection to improve casting water cooling rate, placed inside the cavity and the work surface chilling thing called cold iron. Precision casting production may will cold iron and pouring system application software and riser mutual cooperation, manipulation of casting parts of the whole process of condensation, get pass the casting parts. Cold iron the selection of raw materials, to many, the raw material for cold iron so than that of sand mold material coefficient of thermal conductivity, heat accumulation index of metal material and metal material can be used. Production of common cold iron raw materials have cast iron, aluminum, high purity graphite and copper alloy, etc. Pig iron chill store heat index is very big, can absorb more heat, have relatively strong chilling work ability. Iron and cast iron cold do convenience, cost cheap, in the manufacture of aluminum, magnesium alloy precision casting production for use, especially in the bottom or end on the casting of condensate to improve casting sequence, usually use cast iron cold iron. In addition, aluminum cooling iron also used widely.
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