Precision casting enterprises need to improve the competitiveness

by:XEX     2021-01-23
'China's foundry industry has made great development, but still the gap with the international standard. 'Luo hui international model association secretary general said, in recent years, with the increasing the price of raw materials and energy of the precision casting parts prices are falling, precision casting enterprise is facing a severe test. Under the severe situation, precision casting enterprise must strive to improve the level of product design, innovative product development philosophy, advantage and potential of mining precision casting process, reduce the manufacturing cost, improve the competitiveness of the E. Enterprises to participate in the international market. Precision casting based on the research of the new technology of precision casting, not only improve the precision casting enterprise market competitiveness, and improve the small and medium mould manufacturing enterprises in the production efficiency of the pressure machine manufacturing. Precision hot working technology is one of the key manufacturing technology of weapon system, including precision casting, precision plastic forming, special heat treatment and special welding technology. Precision hot working technology with short production cycle, low cost and good performance, product advantages of high reliability, almost no blank attached great importance to by the countries all over the world.
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