Precision casting factory processing problems and matters

by:XEX     2021-01-21
A, the castings' target='_blank'>precision casting factory processing problems that should pay attention to maintenance, we must always pay attention to the whole precision casting processing equipment and the speed reducer; 2, precision casting and processing of electrical heating oil once every six months to replace; 3, precision casting processing speed reducer lubricant should immediately join; 4, should be regularly check the safety valve of the precision casting process, pressure gauge, thermometer, distillation, electric, electrical instruments such as the upper sheath and pan upper position. If there is a fault immediately exchanged or maintenance; 5, precision casting processing equipment, must use clean both inside and outside the container, often wash the pot body, keep the exterior clean and light, achieve the goal of durability. Second, the precision casting factory processing need to be aware of item 1, precision casting processing must be used before the refrigerant inlet valve shut; 2, start the agitator precision casting processing, and then into the material, and then open the steam valve and power; 3, to achieve the requirement of precision casting processing temperature, should be closed steam valve and the power and close the mixer again after 2 ~ 3 minutes; 4, after the precision casting process, put the cover and jacket in the rest of the condensed water, should rinse with warm water, as soon as possible and then use 40 ~ 500 ℃, alkaline water in the container wall comprehensive cleaning, in order to achieve the purpose of durability. Special pot without material empty cans enclosure, shall not open the steam valve and the power; 5, precision casting factory processing is used when the steam pressure, work is no more than a fixed pressure. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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