Precision casting method choice factors and product specifications

by:XEX     2020-11-22
In precision casting, see these four words, you should not strange, because, on the site, have always been a job in this aspect of knowledge, so the following, is no exception, or around it to extend and implement, can promote the learning process, and for the PEOP. LE, is also a time. This is a good opportunity to learn, because you can get some new knowledge, so that you can get more benefits from them. 1. What is the difference between precision casting and general foundry? From a professional point of view, precision casting is a kind of compared with the traditional casting technology advanced casting method and casting methods. Therefore, there are many kinds of castings, but most of them are made of sodium silicate. But the common casting is made of sand casting, rather than the precision casting, so that's the difference between them. It is 2. Precision casting method and the method choice should be considered? Suitable for ferrous metal casting and precision casting? Should be considered in the precision casting, the method and the method choice, mainly for the adaptability of this method, and whether can use advanced molding or core technology to pass equipment to improve the work efficiency. Can be used for ferrous metal casting, precision casting. In addition, according to the characteristics of the castings, can be used in the production of thin wall castings. 3. Precision casting moulds, we call it? Precision casting machining parts do you need? Precision casting mould, for this kind of mould, we call it a precision casting mould, is a special precision casting mold. Do not need to processing precision casting of parts. Because of the precision casting, belongs to the special casting, in terms of casting dimension has good precision, and can achieve high standards and requirements. ·
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