Precision casting of aluminum alloy iron rich phase morphology research

by:XEX     2021-01-24
Al- Si alloy has the superior castings' target='_blank'>precision casting performance of high strength, low density and good corrosion resistance, widely used in aviation, spaceflight, automobile, electronics and other industries. With the development of modern industry and precision casting technology, more and more demand for precision casting of aluminium alloy. However Fe is considered to be the most harmful impurity elements in the alloy due to its low solid solubility in aluminium alloy, a small amount of with other elements to form the needle flake of Fe in aluminum alloy, it divided the matrix, greatly reduces the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy, especially the elongation. Aluminum silicon alloy of iron usually exist in the form of intermetallic compound, iron content more than 0. 8%, iron and aluminum, and other elements to form obvious needle, flake intermetallic compound, common are & alpha; - Fe phase ( Al8SiFe2) And & beta; - - - - - - Fe phase ( Al5SiFe) Microstructure of two kinds, the former is Chinese characters, which is for needle ( The three-dimensional sheet) 。 Harmful needle iron relative to the mechanical properties of alloy, hard and brittle needle & beta; - Meet Fe damage connection strength of metal matrix, and greatly reduce the mechanical properties of alloys, especially plastic alloy. Al - is eliminated Si alloy of Fe method of harmful effects mainly include:  managed to remove already exists in the Al The Fe Si alloy elements; ‚ Improve the Al - Si in the alloy of Fe phase morphology.
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