Precision casting of ductile iron casting foundry technology

by:XEX     2021-01-23
Precision casting technology in the developed countries can be summarized as to protect the environment, improve casting quality and reliability, reduce the production cost and shorten the delivery date is four important goals. Ductile iron casting technology as an important component of foundry technology, ductile iron casting technology research should be on as soon as possible & other; Highway & throughout; , looking forward to its development trend, our ductile iron casting technology especially thick wall pieces of research in the future a period of time should get more rapid development. (1) to develop the new spheroidization and inoculation technology. Impetus to the high strength and high toughness ductile iron production was spheroidization and inoculation technology unceasing progress and improvement, the development of breeding technology often hope to develop new nucleating agent, but in recent years, the inoculation method improvement, especially late after inoculation, by the people's attention. Therefore, in the future in the development of nucleating agent at the same time, may be on breeding technology research will turn to for the development of new methods. 2 ductile iron new material, new technology research should be in the automotive industry, aerospace and nuclear power industry as the main target, with strong, lightweight, motors and efficient characteristics. (3) ductile iron casting process is a complex of irreversible process, in the actual production often has a lot of uncontrollable factors or process is not mature in the casting scrap or goal to reach a predetermined process, to carry out the major technical equipment, the basic theory of precision casting technology research and development of numerical simulation and physical simulation and expert system, the ductile iron casting technology by & other; Experience & throughout; Go & other; Quantitative & throughout; 。 (4) developing green intensive precision casting, precision casting process for environmental pollution regulation, strengthen the regeneration and reuse of precision casting materials. 5] to realize online and intellectualization. Can carry on the on-line detection to the precision casting process or equipment and control, able to timely and accurately reflect the field condition, real time control on production equipment, so that the precision casting process or equipment to keep the best state. The monitor system can cooperate with each other, coordinate with each other, become an organic whole. Automatic monitoring system can according to the actual situation, make accurate reasonable command control related objects.
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