Precision casting process of the status quo

by:XEX     2021-01-22
Precision castings' target='_blank'>casting processing general status quo problems of concrete is introduced as follows: 1. Serious environmental pollution, bad working environment in the production of precision casting processing charge mainly pig iron, scrap steel, coke, limestone, sand and core sand, etc. Mainly the original sand, clay, coal powder, resin binder, curing agent, such as transportation, sand, sand molding, core making, baking, melting, pouring, cooling, shakeout, cleaning, pretreatment and post-treatment in terms of its job content is in mechanical vibration and noise, some still in the high temperature, such as melting, pouring in the homework, some have excitant odour, dust in the working environment is bad. 2. Low level of technology, poor quality of the casting gating system design is not reasonable. Due to the improper design, such as volume gas and inclusion defects, lead to casting production rate and qualified rate is low. 3. Energy and raw material consumption status quo problems of high precision casting processing technology, will solve some problems we can solve them, objective aspect of the problem, we can't solve, there is no way that as well.
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