Precision casting processing equipment

by:XEX     2021-04-05
1, the precision is not high precision castings' target='_blank'>casting processing equipment. 1) due to the lack of technical guidance, scientific design personnel only relying on experience is hard to control the deformation of the product, the casting machining allowance is 1 - than abroad Three times, raw materials consumption, precision casting production time is long, the efficiency is low. (2) casting parts segregation. Large precision casting processing parts after solidification, there will be at the bottom of the riser, heavy section macro segregation, coarse grains and other problems. (3) precision casting crack problems is very serious. 2, precision casting, consume a large amount of energy and raw materials processing. China's foundry industry energy consumption accounts for 25% of the total energy consumption of mechanical industry -- 30%, the average energy utilization rate is 17%, energy consumption is about twice the casting in the developed world. Our qualified castings per production 1 ton of energy consumption for 550 - 700 kilograms of standard coal, abroad for 300 - 400 kilograms of standard coal, our qualified steel consumption per production 1 ton to 800 - 1000 kilograms of standard coal, abroad for 500 - 800 kilograms of standard coal. According to statistics, in the process of casting production material and energy inputs accounted for about 55% of the output - 70%. Casting gross weight than the average 10% higher than that of abroad, China -- 20%, the rate of steel casting process from an average of 55%, foreign can reach 70%. 3, serious environmental pollution in our country, a lot of foundry production equipment aging, backward technology, in the process of production does not focus on environmental issues, after the government of a small, heavily polluting enterprises have been adjusted, but extensive scale of production are not fully change, only using high technology, high standards of technology, learn foreign advanced production technology, is the way to solve the problem of environment. 4, relevant talent shortage of precision casting processing of talent shortage is the key to the development of casting technology in China, the main reason is low pay, poor working environment, young people are engaged in this kind of work is very few, the technology level of the whole industry, especially the quality control level need to be great is to meet the requirements of market competition. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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