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Precision casting processing precision of gear selection is very important

by:XEX     2020-11-21
Do you know? Precision casting is a key factor of gear machining, want to know why do you say? It quickly to see if we have the following: the design is a key step precision casting is also a starting step, the design for gear precision casting is the key step in the it, it is relation with the casting quality and level of the gear, at the design stage to choose more appropriate precision casting gear material selection, advanced and reasonable structure design, there is no lack of efficient and reliable gear and bearing. Precision casting in guarantee under the premise of no cracks and ensure the quality of grinding burns, try using high grinding parameters to shorten grinding time, thus can improve the grinding efficiency, increase production, to ensure its accuracy, reduce the surface roughness. Through the use of more appropriate grinding oil, can guarantee under the premise of good lubrication, anti-rust, grinding surface of tooth surface is more conducive to reduce stress and avoid burns, cracks, lower roughness and reduce the extent of the grinding wheel blowhole, ensure sharp grinding wheel, it is reduced the grinding wheel dressing, reduce the dosage of grinding wheel, reduce the cost.
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