Precision casting processing tempering and normalizing treatment

by:XEX     2021-01-22
Precision casting processing is a very complicated casting, casting using both annealing and solid solution treatment process, main is to improve the mechanical properties, stability of size. Annealing treatment is refers to the aluminum alloy castings can be heated to a certain temperature, the temperature for a period of time, and then use the process known as annealing furnace cooling. Annealing process can eliminate the internal stress of castings, stable casting size, to ensure that the casting deformation. This would increase the plasticity of castings. This process is very important for castings. Without this technology, the casting can't get good improve, not very effective. What are the requirements for precision casting process on the properties of shell? The basic function of the shell is to obtain a bright and precise casting. The performance of the following types of shells must be as follows. 1. Have good process performance, accurate replication casting shape, guarantee the accuracy of the size. Smooth face. 2. There is plenty of room temperature and high temperature strength and rigidity of necessary. Precision casting precision casting processing tempering and normalizing treatment (1) tempering tempering processing is as follows: the purpose of the product 1, to reduce the brittleness, eliminate or reduce internal stress, precision castings after quenching a lot of stress and brittleness, such as tempering tend to make the casting deformation and cracking in a timely manner. 2, to obtain the required mechanical properties of workpiece, workpiece after quenching hardness and high brittleness, in order to meet the performance requirements of various artifacts, can adjust the hardness, through proper temper reduce brittleness, obtain the needed toughness and plasticity. 3. Stable workpiece size 4, for difficult to soften some of the alloy steel annealing after quenching ( Or normalizing) Carbide is suitable for high temperature tempering, is often used to make steel, will reduce the hardness, easy to machining. (2) positive fire precision casting processing production also need standardization normalizing is heated to a critical temperature above 30 - casting 50 ℃, heat preservation is appropriate time, in the still air cooling in the process of heat treatment known as normalizing treatment. The main purpose of normalizing is refined organizational structure, improve the performance of steel, and get a balancing mechanism. Compared with the annealing process, the main difference is slightly faster cooling rate, short production cycle of heat treatment. Therefore, annealing and normalizing can also meet the performance requirements for the parts, as far as possible to choose the appropriate fire. Most of the medium and low carbon steel billet is commonly used in heat treatment. Generally alloy billet often USES annealing, if use normalizing, because the cooling speed faster, make high hardness after the fire, is not conducive to cutting processing. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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