Precision casting production process and the analysis of the defects

by:XEX     2021-01-23
Precision casting parts in the production process of effective at room temperature for liquid but it will soon be cured material effective in its specific shape mold waiting for its processing method of the coagulation casting parts most in-situ solid but heated to liquid metal materials. Casting parts in the processing of the material can be used in the process of metal, or ceramic sand, in the process of using need according to the requirements of the use of different ways of its use would be different, this method is called the casting parts. Precision casting parts in the process of production can produce its shape more complex parts, especially the more complex the blank, the inner cavity of the adaptability of the whole product is very wide, this product is often used in industry of metal materials, can be cast. In the process of processing precision casting its claim to the casting quality is better, this will directly lead to reduce it, its machining allowance so that the defects of the product is will be reduced to a certain extent, so that air or a vacuum casting, previously thought to be qualified heat resistant steel precision castings, was judged for the trash right now. Often is needed in the actual production precision casting defects of castings for effective analysis, its have a purpose to find out the causes of defects, so easy to take measures to prevent, and effective in combination with the actual conditions of casting production, properly formulate technical requirements. Casting parts in material aspects need to have a certain hardness and tensile strength, in the process of using certain elongation and impact toughness, the precision of size and shape accuracy, different castings have different requirements, with different size and geometric tolerance of https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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