Precision casting six methods of energy saving production

by:XEX     2020-11-19
As we all know, when casting, at ordinary times carelessly can produce module scrap. Scrap form, not only delay the staff of the time, but also waste the module materials. But now advocate of saving energy production in China, under the influence of national policy, now many of the precision foundry industrial structure change on the energy conservation and environmental protection, the energy saving in the precision casting production what are the considerations, the following conclusion: a total of six 1, optimize the design and optimization of process improve the production rate of precision casting process. On the premise of guarantee the quality of precision castings, change the gating system, using heat insulating riser can often increase exports, if we can increase the export rate from 60% to 70%, can reduce the 14. 3% of the energy consumption. 2, high compactness of the molding machine and modern core technology, castings quality, reduce machining allowance as soon as possible. Practice shows that high pressure model can make than handmade molding and casting quality, ordinary machine modelling to reduce 3% Keeps in 2-5%, and the machining allowance 3mm。 Reduce weight not only make the energy saving and precision casting workshop, also can reduce the energy consumption of the subsequent processing. 3, using energy saving process, reasonable organization production. Such as: use the self-hardening resin sand or surface dry replace clay sand drying type, save the energy consumption of the drying mold; Strict ingredients, determine the appropriate composition of precision castings, and take effective solutions, on eliminating casting in as-cast white or hard point in order to cancel the graphitization annealing process; Promotion of as-cast ductile iron to break elongation under 12% of all should be obtained in the as-cast; As far as possible by frequency harmonic vibration aging technology, get rid of stress reduction thermal aging process. 4, material saving, and strive to recycle. Because any material production requires energy. 5, precision casting enterprise scale, i. e. the output of each casting unit in more than 5000 t. Because enterprise production, furnace work time is long, the stove itself split heat energy to precision casting on the energy consumption of per ton can be greatly reduced. 6, improve the management level, reduce the rejection rate. For example, an annual output of 5000 t precision foundry, a 1% drop in rejection rate is equal to 50 t production of precision castings, according to the energy consumption of per ton 400 kgee calculation, a year can save 20 t BiaoMei, also namely precision castings per ton lower the energy consumption of 4 kgee. Above is our xin, Nicholson to share of six methods of precision casting energy-saving production, the six methods can not only reduce the precision casting casting scrap and waste, can also respond to a nation's call to achieve real energy conservation and environmental protection production.
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