Problems of stainless steel precision casting process

by:XEX     2021-03-07
Problems of stainless steel precision casting, stainless steel precision casting is a less cutting or no cutting casting process, is an excellent technology in foundry industry, its application is very extensive. 1, because the back layer retains the sodium silicate binder, so its shell overall high temperature strength, creep resistance, lower than the silica sol shell casting dimension accuracy of castings and shape tolerance than silica sol shell. 2, permeability is less than sodium silicate shell silica sol shell, shell type high temperature strength less than silica sol shell, easy to cause waste. Problems of stainless steel precision casting process 3, stability of the composite shell casting quality is better than sodium silicate, but is much less than the silica sol shell. 4, the composite shell cannot use in temperature wax material. Medium temperature wax cannot use hot water dewaxing. Stainless steel precision casting process problems of 5, the composite shell due to price high zircon powder surface, its shell cost is one type of sodium silicate shell type 4. 5 times, if the back layer USES the mullite sand powder, its shell is almost the same cost and silica sol shell, its low cost advantage is not obvious. Precision casting precision casting precision casting factory | | | dongguan precision casting precision foundry processing | dongguan | stainless steel precision casting: WWW. ggcasting。 com
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